Mansa Musa Facts – The Richest Person in History

There were studies made regarding the research of who the richest person of all time is. As a matter of fact, this has undergone adjustments already. Whenever this topic is opened, many individuals would only think about Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and even John D. Rockeller. These are dubbed as the richest people. They would always come to mind. But then, no one has thought that it would be a name which is not heard for a lot of time. Yes, the person I am referring to here is Mansa Musa I. If you are to research various Mansa Musa facts, you will be dumbstruck with what he has after his name.

Mansa Musa is from Mali. He was from the not so clear 14th century. This King of Africa was dubbed as the wealthiest person there is ever in the history of human kind.

His fortune accounted to $400 bullion. He was considered to be far richer than the current richest man called Carlos Slim. He just ranked 22nd in place with his $68 billion.

There is a list that compiles this. This has something to do with the Celebrity Net Work of a site there is. This may rank the later billionaire into 24. The list talked about here says to advertise itself as being top 25. But then, only 26 names really appear in the given list. That what makes it really different from the others.

The list has spanned for like 1000 years now. There are some aspects of it, of wealth that may appear to be really consistent and steadfast throughout the entire history of the world. There are even women on the given list. But then, only three of them are seen to be alive today. With such, 14 of the said top 25 is American.

How is the list arrived at anyway? Basically, there is a use of inflation rate, in the figure of 2166.6 percent. This has adjusted itself to most historic fortunes already. There is a formula here. This goes to show that a hundred million would have to be perceived in 1913. This may somehow be equal to like L2.299 billion of today. That is how it made a difference.

Musa was able to rule West Africa during the Malian Empire. This occurred in the early years of 1300s. This exploited his fortune because of the country’s resources and production in gold and salt. There are many mosques erected and built during his time as a young man. Until today, the mentioned structures still stand still.

After the passing of Musa in 1331, his various heirs were not able to hang on to his fortune. Because that is the case, his wealth was depleted through the civil wars. The said depletion was also completed with the presence of many invading armies. All of these.

There is another added in the list which is the Rothschild family. This clan is the richest descendants in the planet and they are made up of wealthy people.